Liddypod: Episode 1 – Liverpool, The Fifth Beatle

In this first episode, David and Paul discuss the importance of Liverpool to The Beatles, as we look at Liverpool’s history and the impact it had on the Fab Four.

Could The Beatles have come from any other city?

Paul Beesley and David Bedford

17 thoughts on “Liddypod: Episode 1 – Liverpool, The Fifth Beatle

  1. Really interesting podcast! Breakfast banter with Bedford and Beesley. Most enjoyable to listen to. Will definitely listen to further episodes. Thank you!


  2. Absolutely brilliant first episode, Dave!! You’ve got the perfect partner in Paul. One idea would be to update us on Pete Best and the Quarrymen (or is it Quarry Men?). We NEVER hear a word about them over here in the States. An interview with Pete would be an incrediblle get. Paul, a pleasure to make your acquaintance! Can’t wait for visit #5 to Liddypool!


  3. Great work David and Paul, looking very forward to podcast #2. Agree totally, to understand The Beatles, we must first understand the history of Liverpool and it’s incredible and diverse cultural mix and influence.


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