Liddypod 3 – The Beatles at Christmas

So, our third episode is dedicated to The Beatles at Christmas, where Paul and David discuss the famous Beatles Christmas Records. But we also look at Christmas through the whole of The Beatles career, and how it tells their story, their crises, and their evolution too.

Plus, to finish off; as it has just been New Year, there is a tradition in the UK for Her Majesty the Queen to award various titles on to people, whether famous or, those non-celebrities who have made a contribution to society. In 1965, The Beatles were awarded MBEs, much to the annoyance and anger of a lot of people, because pop stars had never really been acknowledged before.

So, we have decided we are going to award our own MBEs – Mr. Brian Epstein – for those who have made a great contribution to The Beatles. We have awarded the first one to George Martin, and will have a special George Martin program coming up soon.


We want you to nominate your candidates for an MBE, so let us know who you would like to receive one of our special MBEs, who we will discuss in a future episode of Liddypod.

Enjoy our latest episode. Thanks for your continued support.

David and Paul



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