Liddypod 4 – Sir George Martin

Our fourth episode of Liddypod is a tribute to the recipient of our first “MBE” (Mr. Brian Epstein), which is Sir George Martin.

First of all, as we mention breakfasts all the time, we thought we would start the episode from the Tavern Co. near Penny Lane.  Paul (left) and David (right) after a wonderful breakfast. Mmmmm.

Anyway, onto our George Martin special, which includes an interview with Ken Womack, author of two volumes on George Martin: kenwomack

Enjoy our banter about George, and the fascinating interview with Ken, about the man who refined the Beatles sound, and allowed them to elevate their music for us all to enjoy.

We also introduce the new feature, The Beatles Detective, with David. Each episode, David examines a key moment in Beatles history and looks at the evidence. This time: were The Beatles under contract on 6th June 1962? Was it an audition, test, or did they have a signed contract already?

David Bedford and Paul Beesley



6 thoughts on “Liddypod 4 – Sir George Martin

  1. Hi Guys! Another great podcast! Thank you! Great breakfast banter; purposeful interview with Ken Womack; and I like the Beatles Detective! Well done! All best, Tim


  2. Great treatment of Sir George Martin from Ken’s wonderful volumes. i am in hopes there will be a statue of MBE (Mr. Brian Epstein) at or near the former NEMS store similar to the one of Sherlock Holmes outside The Beatles Shop and Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street in London on my next trip to Liverpool.


  3. More, more… A marvellous, interactive interview with Ken Womack. Ken is obviously a serious writer who speaks with great certainty on the subject, yet is so at ease with the subject that he manages to draw us all in to a fine broadcast. Not an easy task to achieve. Loved every minute and I even got a plug late on. Thank you, David, cheque’s in the post. Looking forward to something on Epstein now.


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