Liddypod 6 – George Harrison

GHWelcome to episode 6 of Liddypod, as we have our special on George Harrison, the so-called “Quiet Beatle”.  Join Paul and David in Wavertree, by George Harrison’s birthplace at 12, Arnold Grove, where we talk about his childhood, his religious interest – and rebellion – which began at a very early age – and of course his incredible contribution to The Beatles.

David, our “Beatles Detective“, examines when George joined The Quarrymen, and it wasn’t February or March 1958 as we thought. David explains how, why and when.

Enjoy our tribute to George

David and Paul


10 thoughts on “Liddypod 6 – George Harrison

  1. Thanks David and Paul for the “shout out” on episode 6. Appreciate your gratitude for everyone’s comments – keep these great shows coming! Can’t wait to hear the podcasts about Astrid and Mona.
    Your Liddipodlian listener from the States – Jennifer


  2. I agree George’s songs were sometimes underrated in the press. I always thought even his early stuff like ‘Don’t Bother Me’ was just as good as the Lennon/McCartney songs. Later ones like ‘Within You Without You’ and ‘Inner Light’ are just as strong. I love your Beatles related Liverpool history, like the originally smallest house in England where the Magical Mystery Tour bus stopped. Like your books, your podcasts pay attention to detail, things we may not hear of otherwise. This adds a whole new dimension to The Beatles’ history. Thank you! (and thank you for mentioning me in Podcast 6 regarding the 5th Beatle Stu Sutcliffe, how exciting!)


    1. Thanks Carol, and it was a pleasure to mention you. We are thrilled at the response we have had to the podcast, and love getting feedback too. I agree about George’s songs. From the start he developed a sound which was the Harrison signature on his songs. The boy was a genius! Thank you again. David


  3. In my Life
    Penny Lane is one I’m missing,

    Up church and to the clocktower,

    In the circle of the Abbey,

    I have seen some happy hours.

    Past the tramsheds with no trams,

    On the 5 bus into town,

    Past the Dutch and St. Columbus,

    To the Dockers Umbrella that they pulled down.


  4. Another great Liddypod, guys! Thanks for doing these – they ‘re really interesting. I love all the history of Liverpool that you mention. Great that the sun came out for you! Thorough detective work for when George joined The Quarry Men.
    Looking forward to the next one!


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