Liddypod 8: Hey Jude – Celebrating John Lennon with Jude Kessler

Jude Kessler, recognised authority on John Lennon and author of the John Lennon series, tells David and Paul all about her journey telling John Lennon’s life story.

Incredibly, before the internet and instant communication, she visited Liverpool several times to meet those people who knew John Lennon personally.

She is chronicling John’s life in a series of book, called the “John Lennon Series”, and has already published four books, and is working on the fifth one now.

They are incredible researched, with every fact footnoted, though she writes the story as a narrative – a fascinating way to tell the story.

Listen now to our conversation with Jude Kessler

David and Paul

3 thoughts on “Liddypod 8: Hey Jude – Celebrating John Lennon with Jude Kessler

  1. Jude, when you were talking about Love Me Do, you said that the part Paul ending up singing was too high for him. In reality it was (if anything) too LOW. Love your books – met you at 2019 Fest for Beatles Fans. David Bedford was our tour guide in 2016 for the coach tour portion of Charles Rosenay’s Liverpool tour. Have his book Liddypool.


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