Liddypod 10 – Andy White

Andy White, the session drummer who replaced Ringo Starr on 11th September 1962
Andy White, the session drummer who replaced Ringo Starr on 11th September 1962

Meet Andy White; the Session Drummer who replaced Ringo

Happy New Year from Paul and David on Liddypod!

Our 10th Episode features Andy White. On 11th September 1962, George Martin had enlisted the services of session drummer Andy White to replace Ringo on The Beatles first record.

Listen to David’s interview with Andy White when researching his second book, “The Fab one hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles”. This was also featured in his third book, Finding the Fourth Beatle.

Sadly, Andy died in 2015.

Enjoy Liddypod 10 – Andy White in conversation with David

4 thoughts on “Liddypod 10 – Andy White

  1. I’m fairly sure that the first released version of “Please Please Me” (the song) featured Ringo on drums. Although Andy’s involvement in one of the two released versions of “Love Me Do” has been well-known for decades, I am equally sure that this is the only track with Andy that was issued at the time (the Anthology series changed that). The original 1962 single (Parlophone 45-R 4949) featured Ringo whilst the version on the first LP was the one with Andy on drums (and Ringo on tambourine, the sound of which is the giveaway). It is reported that later, the master tape for the single was lost or destroyed, meaning that re-pressings of the single were taken from the Andy White album version. A mint copy of the 1962 single provided the dub of Ringo’s “Love Me Do” used on the “Past Masters” LP / CD.


    1. Hi Jim,
      Absolutely right. Andy was convinced it was his version of Please Please Me that was released, but it was Ringo’s, who played in a similar style to that of Andy. Funny that Ringo always said he never played on the first single, even though he did! Andy’s was a superior version, which is why Andy’s was retained and the Ringo one destroyed. It was superior in part by Ringo adding the tambourine!


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