Liddypod Christmas Bonus Episode

The Country of Liverpool
The Country of Liverpool

In this bonus episode, listen to David Bedford being interviewed on BBC Radio Merseyside by Sean Styles as they discuss his latest book, “The Country of Liverpool: Nashville of the North”.

David Bedford on BBC Radio Merseyside discussing the Country of Liverpool

Find out more about “The Country of Liverpool: Nashville of the North” here:

Happy Christmas from David and Paul

4 thoughts on “Liddypod Christmas Bonus Episode

  1. Dave , I totally agree that the line dancing fad basically killed the live country scene, I was at a country festival one time which had loads of bands playing day and night when I bumped into a fella I knew who was into the line dancing, I said to him have you seen so and so their on the big stage he said no we don’t come to see bands now we just hire a room at the festivals and play records that we like to dance to,,,,I thought what a stupid idea. So in my opinion Achey Breaky was the demise of live country music…I called it The Billy Ray Virus…….looking forward to getting my copy of your book for Crimbo…cheers Joe.👍👍👍👍


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