The Beatles Down Under: One Dream Ago

The Beatles in Adelaide
The Beatles in Adelaide

The biggest crowd the Beatles ever appeared in front of was in Adelaide, Australia. But the Beatles had more connections with Southern Australia then just that 1964 tour.

Michael Savvas, together with his daughter Olivia, has written a fascinating book full of amazing stories, including the Beatles amazing 1964 tour. The book cover was also designed by Klaus Voormann, the friend of The Beatles from Hamburg, who also designed the album cover to Revolver. The foreword was written by May Pang, John Lennon’s girlfriend in New York during his “Lost Weekend”.

Listen now:

Liddypod 22 – Michael and Olivia Savvas

One Dream Ago

Get a copy of Michael and Olivia’s book from here:

One Dream Ago by Michael and Olivia Savvas

4 thoughts on “The Beatles Down Under: One Dream Ago

  1. Great interview! Please tell Michael he isn’t the only Beatles “nutter” in the world. I was born around the time Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever came out and my love for The Beatles came into focus as a child when I saw the American Beatles Cartoons also! Power to the second generation fans!! May we all help carry The Beatles music on forever!


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