9 thoughts on “Liddypod 24: The Beatles Get Back

  1. I really enjoyed the Get Back film and found it absolutely fascinating to see how they worked and laughed together.
    Great to hear Liverpool references as well. Lime St, Cavern, Bob Wooler!!
    Really enjoyed your banter on the film as well. Thanks


      1. I just listened to you Get Back pod cast. Yes I totally agree with you that the beginning really bugged me with the dates and ages. But then the Get Back film flew by due to the excellent picture quality which mesmerised me. One standout is when you see Ringo and Pauls eyes welling up thinking was this the end. I do love how the whole sound of the songs changed when Billy started playing. Then having the rooftop was absolutely magic.


      2. Thanks Trevor. Yes, once you fast forward that intro the film series was incredible. You couldn’t take your eyes off it there was so much going on. Amazing how we are still learning new things all these years later.


  2. B&B Boys,
    I just listened to Liddypod 24 while devouring a Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich for lunch, and as good as the sandwich was it was more like Filet Mignon when accompanied by your banter! I come from a different approach. I haven’t watched Get Back yet but enjoyed your tutorial just the same, maybe even more so. We don’t get Disney Plus at home, so I was kind of waiting for the DVD release – which I haven’t seen a word written about as to when that will be happening for all those multiple, inevitable re-watches. You certainly whet my appetite, and I’m also very pleased to hear that a statue to Brian is coming (hopefully) for my next visit and has not been publicized over here in the States. Thanks for that news flash!
    Nick Frankart
    Long Beach, California


  3. Great podcast, as always – thanks for sharing your thoughts on ‘Get Back’ with us. I love One After 909, too! So much to think about with this fantastic footage. Like many people here, I’ve enjoyed this music since 1969 and Let It Be is one of my favourite albums. So, this documentary is like going back in time. What a treat! I’ve started watching again and am already looking forward to the DVD. (To be honest, I enjoyed the original film. The 70s were quite a depressing time with power cuts, strikes, Gary Glitter and flares!)


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