Hope for The Beatles in Aldershot?

The Beatles in Aldershot

The Beatles in Aldershot – December 1961

The disastrous Beatles gig in Aldershot in December 1961 ended Sam Leach’s hope of becoming the manager of The Beatles and confirmed the feelings of John, Paul, George and Pete that Brian Epstein was the man to manage them.

Liddypod 21 is a fascinating chat with Alan Hope, founder member of the Monster Raving Loony Party. But what is the Beatles story?

Only 18 people turned up to that gig, a number that included The Beatles. In “Finding the Fourth Beatle“, David Bedford interviewed Terry McCann, Sam Leach’s trusted minder, who explained how the gig came to be in Aldershot. He also spoke with Alan Hope, who has a fascinating insight and played his part in what happened that night. Alan has since written his own incredible book, which talks about the musicians he has worked with and the Monster Raving Loony Party too!

Alan Hope

Alan’s book is The Great White Hope

Listen to Alan’s story now

Liddypod 21 – Alan Hope

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