Liddypod 17 – Terry Crain and NEMS

Terry Crain’s Book – NEMS

Welcome to Episode 17 of Liddypod, where David interviews Terry Crain who has written a fascinating book about one of the most controversial aspects of The Beatles career; merchandising in the US.

You can listen here, on your favourite Podcast platform or YouTube.

Liddypod Episode 17 – Terry Crain

Happy listening

David Bedford and Paul Beesley

Paul Beesley and David Bedford
Paul Beesley and David Bedford

8 thoughts on “Liddypod 17 – Terry Crain and NEMS

  1. David/Paul
    Fabulous podcast! “Perfect face for radio…” love it! Yes, really interesting to hear about the merchandising in the US; hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing. Nice to listen to Terry Crain – so enthusiastic!
    Looking forward to the next one!
    All best wishes, Tim


  2. Cameron uses Terry’s book like the old Sears catalog at Christmas time…going through marking pages and circling the things he wants!! HAHA!!!


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