Liddypod 11 – The Country of Liverpool

The Country of Liverppool
The Country of Liverpool Cover

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Paul talks to David about his new book, “The Country of Liverpool: Nashville of The North”, looking at the country music scene in Liverpool and the Country roots of The Beatles

Liddypod 11 – The Country of Liverpool

4 thoughts on “Liddypod 11 – The Country of Liverpool

  1. Just listened to the new episode , and I’ll use a word frequently used in the show ….fascinating. I know about the strong country scene that existed in Liverpool , but looks like my basic knowledge will be greatly enhanced with this book.
    Really I don’t know too much about Hanks Williams apart from Hey Good Lookin’ , but I’ve just gone on YouTube and listened to Move On Over, and it IS Rock Around The Clock , I had no idea , quite amazing. I’m going to check him out to see where the influences came from.
    I have the album Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles , I bought it because George wrote the sleeve note , I’ve not really listened to it , but I’ll give it a spin again.
    This show has definitely whetted my appetite for the book….bring it on .


  2. This podcast makes me feel proud to live in Nashville, Tennessee USA and have a better appreciation for country music, with rock ‘n’ roll being my favorite. Now I know why Ringo Starr looked so happy when I saw him perform for the first time at the infamous Ryman Auditorium in 2012. Folks in town also couldn’t stop talking about Mr. McCartney’s visit to Nashville in 1974 when Sir Paul later came back to perform his first live show just down the way from Printer’s Alley in 2010. Great show Mr. B and Mr. B, one I suspect even “Sally G” would approve of. Your loyal Liddypodlian will keep listening!


    1. Thank you so much Jennifer. I am so excited about my new book as so few people realise how important country music is to the Beatles music and, as you say, to Paul and Ringo after The Beatles. I loved my short visit to Nashville a couple of years ago and plan to come over after the book is released, though that trip will be 2021 at this rate. Then, we will get the chance to meet I hope. Thanks y’all for being a loyal Liddypodlian! 😁 David. And other Mr B says thanks too.


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