Liddypod 5 – Finding the Fourth Beatle

In our latest episode, anCD_4th Beatle Final Coverd after recently discussing the Fifth Beatle, Paul interviews David about his latest book, “Finding the Fourth Beatle”. 

Who was the Fourth Beatle, and who was looking for him? And who are the 23 drummers featured in the book?

Listen as David talks through how he and fellow author Garry Popper set off on the trail to discover how many drummers played with The Beatles (starting with the Quarrymen and finishing in 1970) either on stage, on record or other performance. And eventually, David found 23 drummers!

However, along the way, David discovered that Pete Best was never sacked! A fact we have taken for granted since 1962, is no longer a fact. Through interviewing Brian Epstein’s lawyer, the truth has been revealed for the first time.

There is so much in here – hope you enjoy it! You can listen below, or from one of our podcast links, or on YouTube with some images as well on our Liddypod channel. (See How To Listen to Liddypod)

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book, you can go to

Paul Beesley and David Bedford




5 thoughts on “Liddypod 5 – Finding the Fourth Beatle

  1. Hello Liddipodlians! I am listening from the States and enjoy your podcasts very much. May I place a vote for the “Fifth” Beatle? May we not forget the women in the Beatles’ lives. I would love to hear a show about Astrid Kirchherr. She certainly influenced the lads in their style of dress, gave them their first professional photo shoot, and provided moral support when needed the most while in Germany. Thanks for giving us in the States a glimpse of what things were like over the pond. I appreciate your expertise also – I was in Liverpool a few years ago and got to meet David on a bus tour of the city and it was fantastic! Looking forward to future podcasts!


    1. Liddipodlians! I love that!! So glad you’re enjoying the podcasts. We have so much fun making them, as you can tell. A feature on Astrid for Fifth Beatle? Great idea. Will discuss that, because Astrid’s photos are superb, and her connection to The Beatles was very important too. She is on the nomination list! And glad you remember the bus tour with me, and you enjoyed yourself in Liddypool. Thanks for contacting us too, really appreciate the feedback. David and Paul


  2. David
    Such a treat to hear you talking about The Fourth Beatle with Paul. Your book is so well-researched ; it’s like a detective story! Keep up the excellent podcasts, guys!


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