Liddypod 9 – Brian Epstein Statue

Andy Edwards with the bust of Brian Epstein
Andy Edwards with the bust of Brian Epstein

We have a special edition of Liddypod this episode as we speak to Marie Darwin about the fantastic appeal to erect a statue to Brian Epstein in Liverpool.

Please help us achieve this goal!

Marie Darwin and the Brian Epstein Statue appeal

Thanks for your support

Dave and Paul

One thought on “Liddypod 9 – Brian Epstein Statue

  1. Brian Epstein was probably the most underestimated Fifth Beatle and a fascinating character who effectively invented the style of management which is taken for granted today. Although he put them and Liverpool (including David and myself) on the map, so little is known about him, his up-and- down struggles with life and the secret side of his personality which brought him so much pain and distress. Despite his personal troubles, both the Beatles and a lot of other people became very successful – and very wealthy, because of his honest efforts to make his boys “bigger than Elvis”. So, yes it’s fitting that a statue should be erected to him in the place where he was born. The irony is that he died so young and alone, still believing the Beatles were about to dump him. But, now the city of Liverpool has the chance to recognise one of their own: a remarkable business man and publicist who did so much for them and the world.


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